About me

dancer | choreographer | personal trainer

Afro Brazilian Dance Tuition &
Performance, Dance Fitness Classes
& Bespoke Personal Training.

“It’s all about letting the rhythms move you and celebrating life in a Brazilian way!”

With 28 years experience in choreography, dance performance, training and teaching worldwide I live and breath the sheer joy and uplifting power of dance as an art form and vehicle to accomplish the finest physical fitness and have vast experience in orchestrating large community, education, corporate projects and Carnivals.

From my grounding in dance and fitness growing up in the powerful samba schools of São Paulo in Brazil to my good fortune to travel the globe learning different dance styles from so many amazing cultures to share and explore I consider myself to be very blessed.


Creative movement Empowering Uplifting

Manchester has been my home for over 10 years now but I continue to regularly learn, teach, and perform internationally with some of my recent travels taking me to New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, Gambia, Singapore, Thailand, Cuba, Tokyo and of course my native home Brazil.

Becoming a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor 5 years ago has allowed me to combine my passion and infectious enthusiasm for movement and fitness on a much more bespoke and knowledgeable level which I find incredibly rewarding. Whether you want to run a marathon or just to play with your children without getting out of breath – it’s all about you and finding the right fitness road for you to achieve maximum benefit from whilst genuinely enjoying the experience.